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VITAMINS: With advance technology today it is possible to estimate exact amount of vitamins in our body. Two very important vitamins are Vitamin B12 and Vitamin D Get your Vitamin B 12 and Vitamin D level estimated to find out unexplained causes of weakness.
Business Opportunities
DGL: Dr Garg Labs is well established since 1988 and at present DGL has lacs of satisfied customers spread over Delhi NCR especially in East Delhi and is looking forward to have more & more satisfied customers all over Delhi NCR. DGL provide opportunity to clinicians, hospitals, sample collection centres etc. to be our associate on service charges and profit sharing basis.

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Result Delivery Service
We are continually reviewing and updating our IT service in order to offer best practices and lastest development in this emerging field.A number of innovative report format options are available, including transmission by email and electronic links between patient and laboratory.

DGL: Dr Garg Labs has a unique SMS system for result delivery. Patient results are sent by SMS however hard copy of result is always available at lab. On request, even hard copies are home delivered.

Also, one may visit results on our web site.

Sample Collection
Sample Collection for Medical Establishments
DGL has developed a dedicated team of staff to ensure rapid and convenient pick up of samples from medical establishments, like clinics, nursing homes, dispensaries and hospitals.Members of this team are trained to health and safety guidelines and maintain our commitment to Quality Service.

Home Visits
In present scenario, life is extra ordinarily busy. Devoting time to go to laboratory that too in fasting is tedious process. Many a times, it comes to your mind after having morning cup of tea that you've to go to lab. So relax DGL : Dr Garg Labs provides excellent home sample collection service. Just call us 9268059599 and fix up an appointment. Our expert pathologist will provide best of his srvices at appointed time.